Searching to the ends of the earth for the next compelling story, my life has been consumed by travel. While researching and writing articles for some of the world’s largest publications, I’ve visited 145 countries on all seven continents, plus all 50 U.S. states, all ten provinces and three territories in Canada, and all of the states in Australia.

Globetrotting for a living has provided some amazing adventures. I’ve enjoyed literally dozens of safari trips in Africa and India. I’ve taken 35 cruises, from small wooden-ship voyages in the Aegean and private-yacht trips in the waters of Southeast Asia, to trans-oceanic crossings, across the Pacific, Atlantic, and beyond. I have explored the polar regions, three times to Antarctica, many trips to the High Arctic. And much more, amidst a schedule of hundreds of days of travel every year. All the while writing for CNN Travel, the Globe and Mail, Bloomberg Pursuits, The New Yorker, AFAR, and many others.

Once-in-a-lifetime day, attending a very remote wedding in the southern reaches of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, driving miles beyond the end of the road, through a dry creek bed to reach a village that welcome few, if any, westerners.

Saying hello to the local residents on sub-Antarctic South Georgia Island, home to more than five million penguins, as well as other-worldly elephant seals, fur seals, and wandering albatross, the world’s largest bird.

And it all began at an early age—travel, you could say, runs in my family. Growing up, raised by parents who loved to explore, my family would save every penny, spurning local luxuries like meals in restaurants and theme park visits, so we could afford our annual, massive, multi-week summer road trip.

We travelled cross-continent, driving as many as 16 hours a day in our brown, hatchback Suburu station wagon—standard shift, with no air conditioning—so we could pack in as many sights as possible—to the California coast and the Canadian Rockies, the Florida beaches and the geysers of Yellowstone National Park, tracing two-lane highways to the horizon before bedding down in roadside motels. (That Suburu was later replaced by a two-tone grey Pontiac Bonneville that we lovingly called “the boat,” because she sailed down those highways.)

That spirit of travel grew as I began to explore the world on my own, and with friends, backpacking with a Eurail pass in hand throughout Europe, discovering the rainforests and coral reefs of Central America, and living for a few months in northern France, playing semi-professional baseball and teaching and tutoring English. And alongside that travel, a love for the written word and a thirst for knowledge, as I completed two university degrees, including an MA in history from McGill University.

Finally, those two passions united as I became a magazine and newspaper writer and editor, first specializing in education while writing as much travel as I could, on the side, before going full time on travel for the past decade-plus. My world grew both larger, and smaller (in all the best ways), as I began trotting the globe on an almost-constant basis, always searching for those stories.

Soaking up the sun on a luxurious catamaran cruise, just off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Enjoying the show of snow and ice while sailing the frigid waters of Antarctica, home to millions of massive icebergs.

And, yes, I’ve found many. I’ve searched for dinosaur eggs and downed fermented camel’s milk in Mongolia’s South Gobi Desert. I have tracked lions on foot in Botswana, and elephants in Zimbabwe, and hung from the edge of the Devil’s Pool in Zambia, dangling from the edge of Victoria Falls. In the dead of the decade’s coldest winter, I rode the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia. Travelling overland through Central Asia, I walked to the edge of Turkmenistan’s Gateway to Hell. I’ve taken pioneering submarine dives in Antarctica, skydived over Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, swum with whale sharks, helicoptered to waterfalls, rafted great rivers, eaten crickets in Burma—as well as some of the world’s greatest steaks in Buenos Aires.

And in the process, I have come to understand the difference between good, great, and truly life-changing adventures, staying in some of the world’s finest five-star hotels and eating in Michelin-starred restaurants. It’s been thrilling, and wondrous, feeding a burning passion that only grows. I look forward to using that fire to help you create and tell your stories.


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