185,900,000 : number of litres of beer consumed by Czechs in 2018.

993 : date at which oldest Czech brewery was founded.

Four unique and crazy ways to experience the best beer in Prague
You’ll never find a better place for a beer. Sipping more suds, per capita, than any other country on Earth, the citizens of the Czech Republic really know how to brew, and enjoy, the good stuff. And while it’s easy to pull back a glass at one of the many bars in the country’s capital, Prague offers a medley of novel ways to immerse yourself (sometimes literally) in some of the world’s best beer.

Take a Beer Bath
You’ll never be so tempted to drink your bathwater. Soak up your suds in a hot, murky mess of malt, hops, barley and beer (it’s good for your skin… really!). Perhaps the very best beer spa is at Purkmistr, a microbrewery-spa-hotel near Pilsen, as in, the birthplace of Pilsner, the Czech’s most distinctive brew.

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