When people picture Zurich, they usually conjure something related to banking, or finance, or maybe the snow-capped Swiss Alps, which indeed tower nearby. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing that Zurchers love more than their lake. Stretching out some 40 kilometres from the heart of downtown, Lake Zurich teems with traffic, almost all of it recreational, summer and winter, all year long. Long, low ferries roll into Lake Zurich from the River Limmat, plying their way down the coast. Happy couples hold hands and feed the swans, then maybe spread out a blanket in one of the green parks that line the shoreline. Families play. Boaters, boat, often in sailboats, or yachts. Swimmers plunge into the waters, sometimes naked, from a string of “lidos” lining the side, pontoons jutting into the pale-green waters.

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