In the heart-pounding series premiere of ABC’s blockbuster hit Lost, Dr. Jack Shephard begins the episode by darting from victim to victim on a desert island beach, running around burning wreckage and a whirring jet engine, tending to the wounded from the crash of Oceanic flight 815 as sparkling blue waves lap peacefully in the background.

In reality, the bit of coastline that hosted the carnage of Oceanic 815 is Mokule’ia Beach, a quiet stretch of white sand and palms on Oahu’s famed North Shore. A two-lane highway runs behind it, and beyond that is the Dillingham Airfield, where the curious can actually find the wreckage used to film the plane crash scenes. A short drive from there on the Kamehameha Highway will take you that lush and dramatic valley, part of the Kualoa Ranch, which offers movie and TV tours. And not far from there, behind a fence at the show’s base camp, is the nosepiece and cockpit. It’s all there – for those who know where to look… [read more at]